The Little Zippers featuring
Lucia and Levi

A versatile duo sure to impress and entertain!

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Levi, a native Virginian, hooked up with Lucia, a native New Yorker, 28 years ago in Hollywood, California and they’ve been together ever since. 

  Levi was Samona Cooke’s musical director and also worked on projects at Jackson Records.

  Lucia has appeared in motion pictures, including Fatal Beauty, with Whoopie Goldberg.    

 Lucia and Levi backed up Edwin Birdsong who had funk and disco hits during the 70’s and 80’s.
 Levi also played with Joyce Irby of the Climax Band who had several hits in the 80’s and 90’s
Levi’s lead guitar, tenor sax, vocal skills, and 50 years of musical experience, combined with Lucia’s bluesy vocals, outgoing personality, harmonica licks and keyboard skills, consummate with a diverse and entertaining Duo.  

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The variety of musical styles they cover is extensive. You can hear them cover jazz standards, blues, reggae and popular songs that everyone can relate to. Their originals are equally enjoyable. They entertain all ages and are as good with children as they are with adults. This becomes apparent when they perform their “bits” that include audience participation.

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Our Radio Interviews

Our radio interviews have aired
but you can still hear them.

The top 2 links was the interview at 96.1 the Eagle in Utica NY
The 3 EXT links are us performing in the WEXT studio, Troy NY
And the bottom link is the full WEXT interview.

Here's a quick note!

In case you missed our radio interview with Cindy McMullen out in Utica, click on the links above.
The newest WEXT interview with Chris Wienk airs soon early February. See above details.